Month: February 2016

Indicting Us as Readers in James Wilcox’s "Hunk City"

Twenty plus years after the events in Modern Baptists, Mr. Pickens, Burma, Donna Lee, and others returned in James Wilcox’s Hunk City (2007). Unlike his inaugural novel, Wilcox’s Hunk City deals with questions of race and benevolence in a more direct manner. In the novel, one character of African descent, Iman, plays a major role. Throughout the novel, white characters refer to Iman as … Read More Indicting Us as Readers in James Wilcox’s "Hunk City"

"Benevolence" in James Wilcox’s "Modern Baptists"

A couple of weeks ago, I noted some similarities between James Wilcox’s Modern Baptists (1983), Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer (1961), and John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces (1980). Today, I want to look at the African American presence in two of Wilcox’s novels: Modern Baptists and Hunk City (2007). I have covered this topic in relation to Percy’s novel before, and you can … Read More "Benevolence" in James Wilcox’s "Modern Baptists"

Horses, Manhood, and Power in Ernest J. Gaines

When Django and Dr. King Schultz ride into Daughtrey, Texas, near the beginning of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained (2012), the white townspeople freeze, staring in shock at an African American riding a horse next to a white man driving a carriage. Django does not drive the carriage, as would be expected of an African American servant or slave. Django rides through the streets on … Read More Horses, Manhood, and Power in Ernest J. Gaines

Lecrae’s "Deja Vu" and "Misconceptions 3" and Time and Place

Last post, I started a discussion of Lecrae’s Church Clothes 3. Today, I want to finish a brief analysis of the short film that contains four songs from the album. At the end of the “Gangland” section of Lecrae’s Church Clothes short film, an African American male falls in the street after a drive by. The camera pulls out and shows the body on … Read More Lecrae’s "Deja Vu" and "Misconceptions 3" and Time and Place

Lecrae’s "Church Clothes 3" and Place

On Saturday, BeyoncĂ© dropped a new song and music video for “Formation.” The move, in effect, broke the Internet. I could spend this time talking about the video and its numerous messages, layers upon layers, that need to be peeled back, taken in, and digested before I can provide any adequate analysis. Others have already done a better job at that aspect than I … Read More Lecrae’s "Church Clothes 3" and Place