For the past three years, Interminable Rambling has provided reflections on African American, American, and Southern Literature, American popular culture and politics, and pedagogy. Interminable Rambling arose out of the blog I maintained for the Ernest J Gaines Center. There, I wrote about items in the collection, Gaines’ works, and texts that related to Gaines and Louisiana. When I moved on from the center, I started Interminable Rambling as a way to maintain a writing schedule. 

What do you post? 
My posts come, typically, from what I am teaching, reading, watching, or listening to at a particular moment. As well, the posts draw upon current events. As such, Interminable Rambling includes syllabi, posts on movies such as Black Panther and Star Wars, posts on music, posts on a diverse array of authors from George Washington Cable and Jonathan Edwards to T. Geronimo Johnson and Attica Locke, and posts on comics such as The Avengers and Swamp Thing.
How often do you post?
I maintain a twice-a-week schedule throughout the year, publishing every Tuesday and Thursday. Occasionally I take off a couple of weeks around the holidays in December.
How long are your posts?
The posts on Interminable Rambling vary between 1,000-1,500 words.
Where else does your work appear?
I am a regular contributor to Black Perspectives, the blog of the African American Intellectual History Society, and Teaching United States History. As well, my work has appeared at Public Books and on the C19 Podcast.
How can I support your work?You can head over to Patreon and pledge a monthly support amount. The support, in the immediate future, will go towards helping offset living expenses for me and my family while working as a Fulbright scholar in Norway. During this time, I am on unpaid leave and we are currently a single income family with two children. Please see this as supporting my writing, not as a donation.

List of supporters 

Thank you for supporting my ongoing work here at Interminable Rambling.

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