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How Do I Respond to “Where Are You From?”

Last year, in Norway, everyone I met would ask, “Where are you from?” This year, in Georgia, I get the same question. My answer to this question inevitably varies, but it follows a pretty similar formula. In Norway, I would reply, “I’m from Auburn, Alabama. I’ve been there two years. Before that, I was in Lafayette, Louisiana, and I’m originally from Northwest Louisiana.” In … Read More How Do I Respond to “Where Are You From?”


Mt. Fløyen, Håkonshallen, and Rosenkrantztårnet

So, we’ve been in Bergen about two weeks, and all I can say is, “Wow!” Over the past fourteen days, we’ve hiked Mt. Fløyen, visited Bergenhus, walked around the city centre, and learned how to navigate the grocery stores. All in all, it’s been an exciting two weeks. Today, I just want to share some pictures and stories about our time here in Bergen … Read More Mt. Fløyen, Håkonshallen, and Rosenkrantztårnet