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Norwegian Identity and Nationality in Pumba’s «Hvor jeg kommer fra»

Speaking about his research, Holberg Laureate Paul Gilroy told the committee, “I am particularly engaged by the fate of people who have not themselves migrated, and who by virtue of being born in Europe, have had to pursue varieties of recognition and citizenship from which they have been excluded on the grounds that they are supposed to belong somewhere else.” Norwegian hip hop artists … Read More Norwegian Identity and Nationality in Pumba’s «Hvor jeg kommer fra»

What’s Next? Norwegian Hip Hop

In my previous post, I wrote about the Norway and Slavery research group that I started with a couple of colleagues at the University of Bergen. Today, I want to dig a little more into what I plan to do with my work on Norwegian hip hop, specifically Karpe’s work. Over the past few months, I have written multiple posts on artists such as … Read More What’s Next? Norwegian Hip Hop

Norsk Hiphop: Hkeem’s «Ghettoparasitt»

Note: My translations may be off. I am still learning Norwegian. So, if anything is mistranslated, please let me know. As well, the second part of my lecture on The Great Gatsby will go live soon. A few weeks after we moved to Bergen last August, I heard some music coming from outside. There was a pop up stage down the road, with various … Read More Norsk Hiphop: Hkeem’s «Ghettoparasitt»