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Lecrae’s "Deja Vu" and "Misconceptions 3" and Time and Place

Last post, I started a discussion of Lecrae’s Church Clothes 3. Today, I want to finish a brief analysis of the short film that contains four songs from the album. At the end of the “Gangland” section of Lecrae’s Church Clothes short film, an African American male falls in the street after a drive by. The camera pulls out and shows the body on … Read More Lecrae’s "Deja Vu" and "Misconceptions 3" and Time and Place

Lecrae’s "Church Clothes 3" and Place

On Saturday, Beyoncé dropped a new song and music video for “Formation.” The move, in effect, broke the Internet. I could spend this time talking about the video and its numerous messages, layers upon layers, that need to be peeled back, taken in, and digested before I can provide any adequate analysis. Others have already done a better job at that aspect than I … Read More Lecrae’s "Church Clothes 3" and Place