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Most Viewed Posts of 2021

I haven’t a done a “Most Viewed Posts” in a while, so I thought I’d do one to wrap up 2021. Over the past three years, Interminable Rambling has grown exponentially. I never thought, when I started this site back in August 2015 I didn’t have any expectations. I started Interminable Rambling over on Blogger before migrating it to WordPress in 2016, so I … Read More Most Viewed Posts of 2021


Robert Hayden’s “A Letter From Phillis Wheatley, London 1773”

As I got ready to teach Phillis Wheatley recently, I decided to incorporate Robert Hayden’s “A Letter from Phillis Wheatley London, 1773” which originally appeared in his 1978 collection American Journal. Of course, during our discussions, we related Hayden’s poem to Wheatley, but we also thought about other connections that could be made between “A Letter from Phillis Wheatley” and other texts we have … Read More Robert Hayden’s “A Letter From Phillis Wheatley, London 1773”