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Identity in Ayad Akhtar’s “Disgraced”

In the last post, I talked some more about about Isabel Wilkerson’s statement from Caste when she says, “None of us are ourselves.” I looked at that statement in relation to Long Vahn in Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s The Land South of the Clouds. Today, I want to look at Wilkerson’s statement and my own assertion that we can never know our “true” selves in … Read More Identity in Ayad Akhtar’s “Disgraced”


What I Learned Acting in “Number the Stars”

Recently, my daughter auditioned for a play at the local community theater. She has been dancing for years, but she has never acted on stage before. For the past few years, she has had the desire to act, and when the auditions came around for the theatrical adaptation of Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars, she tried out for the lead role of Annemarie Johansen. … Read More What I Learned Acting in “Number the Stars”


Poison in James Baldwin’s “Blues for Mister Charlie”

If you enjoy what you read here at Interminable Rambling, think about making a contribution on our Patreon page.  This semester, I’m teaching James Baldwin’s Blues for Mister Charlie (1964). As I reread Baldwin’s play, a couple of items stuck out to me. The first item that caught my attention was the continual references to poison or disease throughout the text, in relation to … Read More Poison in James Baldwin’s “Blues for Mister Charlie”