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Language and Syntax in the Classroom

The day after the 2017 Boston Marathon, the marathon’s sponsor, Adidas, sent an email to participants who completed the race. The subject line read, “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon.” On the surface, nothing appears wrong with this line; however, given the events at the marathon on April 15, 2013, when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev detonated two homemade bombs close to the finish line killing … Read More Language and Syntax in the Classroom

Top Five Posts from 2015!

As we start traversing our path through the new year, I want to take the opportunity to look back at some of my favorite posts from the past year. This retrospective will contain, in no particular order, the five posts that are my favorite from the 94 posts that appeared in 2015. The posts on this list will include ones from this blog as … Read More Top Five Posts from 2015!

Imagining a Time and Place: The FSA and OWI Photos from 1935-1945

Last spring, I attended the MELUS conference in Athens, GA. At one of the panels, Maria Hebert-Leiter and Bryan Giezma presented some work on their upcoming book project. They introduced me to a site at Yale that contains 170,000 photographs taken by Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information workers between 1935 and  1945.What is like about this site is that it provides … Read More Imagining a Time and Place: The FSA and OWI Photos from 1935-1945