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Open Letter to School Board on COVID

Note: This is the letter I sent to our local school board, and in response, I received a CTL C+V response that indicated that the recipient did not read it. The response, in part, reads, “Please note that this response plan provides minimal guidelines for our schools in how they should respond to the virus.” The issue, though, is that not even “minimal guidelines” … Read More Open Letter to School Board on COVID


COVID-19 and Me

January 26, 2020 will remain in my memory forever. On that day, my wife, my son, and I went for a hike. Our daughter stayed home because she wasn’t feeling well. During the hike, we didn’t have any cell service, so we didn’t get any news updates till after we finished. When cell service returned, we saw the news of the helicopter crash that … Read More COVID-19 and Me


Flexibility, Communication, and Compassion

This past week many universities and K-12 schools have shut down face-to-face meetings and turned to online classes and coursework. This move is substantial, and there are a lot of things to consider when thinking about how we, as educators and students, will approach this shift. As such, today, I want to take a moment and walk through what I am thinking about doing … Read More Flexibility, Communication, and Compassion