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Conversation with Kiku Hughes

In my Multicultural American Literature course this semester, I am teaching Kiku Hughes’ Displacement alongside John Okada’s No-No Boy and George Takei’s They Called Us Enemy. Each of these texts focuses on the incarceration of thousands of Japanese and Japanese Americans during World War II, and each of these focuses on the intergenerational trauma of incarceration. The generational effects of trauma run through multiple … Read More Conversation with Kiku Hughes


For the Greater Good

In 2015, California governor Jerry Brown signed California Senate Bill 277 into law. The bill eliminated “the exemption from existing specified immunization requirements based upon personal beliefs, but would allow exemption from future immunization requirements deemed appropriate by the State Department of Public Health for either medical reasons or personal beliefs.” Anti-vax contingents challenged the bill, and Dr. Bob Sears compared the mandate to … Read More For the Greater Good


Open Letter on Conditions at Lee Arrendale State Prison

Every time I drive down highway 365 towards Atlanta, right before I hit Jaemor Farms and the Schoolbus Graveyard, I see a sign on the side of the road that reads “Lee Arrendale State Prison” with an arrow pointing down another asphalt laden road. Whenever I pass that sign, I think about the women incarcerated at the facility and the individuals incarcerated at facilities … Read More Open Letter on Conditions at Lee Arrendale State Prison


The National Anthem and “Tinker v. Des Moines”

Last week, amidst the debates surrounding the National Anthem, a school board in Louisiana issued a statement on students and the anthem. Linking the discussion to Barksdale Air Force Base and patriotism, school Superintendent Scott Smith said, “The least Bossier Schools can do is expect our student athletes to stand in solidarity when the National Anthem is played at sporting events in honor of those … Read More The National Anthem and “Tinker v. Des Moines”