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Cemeteries and the Tangible Past

A few weeks ago, I went to the 26th biennial conference for the Nordic Association for American Studies (NAAS). The conference theme, “Monuments,” reflected our current cultural moment, a moment in which we have collectively engaged in conversations about both physical and metaphorical monuments, especially as they relate to the narratives we tell ourselves. Today, I want to take a moment and reflect upon … Read More Cemeteries and the Tangible Past


Personal Identity Narrative Essay

When I teach first year composition courses, I have students write some type of personal narrative for their first essay. This typically involves them relating a story about themselves and creating an argument based off of what they learned from their own personal experience. Recently, instead of having students do a personal narrative where they relate any story from their lives, I have been … Read More Personal Identity Narrative Essay

“Gains and Losses”

This semester, I am teaching six classes, three of which happen to be composition courses. For their first essay, my students must write a literacy narrative, discussing their own experiences with reading or writing. As part of the module for this essay, I had them read Richard Rodriguez’s “Gaines and Losses.” The essay chronicles Rodriguez’s schooling and acquisiton of literacy, in this case “English” … Read More “Gains and Losses”