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William Dean Howells’ “Editha,” Richard Lovelace, and Shakespeare

Typically, critics read William Dean Howells’ “Editha” as a story that comments on our need to proclaim our national identities through patriotism and war and how that continual proclamation does more harm than good. Others read “Editha” through a feminist lens arguing that the focus of the story lies in the ways that Editha and Mrs. Gearson work to exert power over George. Today, … Read More William Dean Howells’ “Editha,” Richard Lovelace, and Shakespeare

Mark Twain’s "The War Prayer" & #JeSuisParis

#prayfortheworld, Leemarej, ink on paper, 2015 Scrolling through my Facebook feed a couple of days after the events in Paris, I came across a post that referenced Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer.”  Twain’s story, published posthumously in 1923, takes place in an unnamed country preparing for war. Community members, filled with patriotism, gathered at the local church before the soldiers (volunteers) departed for the … Read More Mark Twain’s "The War Prayer" & #JeSuisParis