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Having Students Analyze Comics’ Pages: Part I

In my Literature and Composition Graphic Memoirs’ class, I am having students read various chapters from Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. During the first week, they read “The Vocabulary of Comics” and “Blood in the Gutter.” At the end of the week, I brought in about 6-7 comics and graphic novels, gave them each specific pages, and had them use McCloud to … Read More Having Students Analyze Comics’ Pages: Part I


Surveillance in “Bitch Planet”

Last post, I examined a couple of issues that I kept thinking about while reading Bitch Planet‘s “The Secret Origin of Penny Rolle.” Today, I want to expand upon some of those ideas and look at the ways that the comic addresses the increased nature of surveillance in our world. This occurs throughout almost every issue of Bitch Planet; however, I just want to … Read More Surveillance in “Bitch Planet”


“Why folks gotta say what I am?” Identity in ‘Bitch Planet’

A few weeks ago, Qiana Whitted led a three part round table on Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro’s Bitch Planet at The Middle Spaces. I read volume one of the series about a year ago, and after reading the round table, I went back and reread those first few issues. (Unfortunately, I still have not read the subsequent volumes.)  As I read back through … Read More “Why folks gotta say what I am?” Identity in ‘Bitch Planet’