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The Lies We Believe in Frank Yerby’s “Fairoaks”

A few weeks ago, I saw a review of Frank Yerby’s Floodtide (1950) on Twitter. At that point, I hadn’t read Floodtide, and this point, I still haven’t. For some reason, my brain misremembered the review and I started to read Yerby’s Fairoaks (1957), a novel centered on the life of Guy Falks. I didn’t realize my mistake until I started making a Twitter … Read More The Lies We Believe in Frank Yerby’s “Fairoaks”


Multicultural American Literature Syllabus 2022

Over the past few years, I have taught numerous multicultural American literature courses, at various levels from sophomore to graduate. This semester, the texts center around the question, “Who is American?” Unlike previous semesters, I have read or taught these texts before, so none are really new to me. However, the overarching theme and the focus of the texts has provided me with ways … Read More Multicultural American Literature Syllabus 2022


Rereading Lillian Smith’s “Strange Fruit” :Part II

Last post, I started looking at my thoughts after I reread Lillian Smith’s Strange Fruit for a virtual book club. I discussed the issues that i still have with the novel, but I also pointed out that, after reading more of Smith’s work, my thoughts about the novel have shifted some, and I see what Smith wanted to accomplish with it. I see the … Read More Rereading Lillian Smith’s “Strange Fruit” :Part II