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Some Reflections on This Past Year in Norway

Today marks the day that we travel back to the United States. This past year has been an amazing experience on so many levels, not just for myself but for my family as well. I know that it will take some time for the events of this past year to truly sink in, a process that will involve re-acclimating ourselves to life back in … Read More Some Reflections on This Past Year in Norway


What to Expect in 2019!

Welcome back! As you know, I started Interminable Rambling way back in August 2015. That means that this year will mark the fourth anniversary of this site. I started this site over at Blogspot where I wrote 81 posts before migrating over to WordPress. Since that August 2015, both sites have received 99,269 views. This past year alone, the WordPress site received 40,854 views. … Read More What to Expect in 2019!


Things I Learned at ASANOR 2018

If you enjoy what you read here at Interminable Rambling, think about making a contribution on our Patreon page.  This past week, I attended the American Studies Association of Norway (ASANOR) conference on the past and future of cosmopolitanism in Kristiansand, Norway. While there, I learned a lot, as hopefully usual for conferences. Today, I want to take the time to briefly write about … Read More Things I Learned at ASANOR 2018