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Year End Round Up: Part II

It is that time of year again, the time of year when I reminisce about some of the things that I have written and done over the past year. Last post, I talked about writing essays for On the Stump and Bitter Root. I talked about learning some of the racist history of my hometown and the massacre that occurred in 1868. I talked … Read More Year End Round Up: Part II


Year in Round Up: Part I

It’s that time of year again to talk about some of my favorite posts from 2020. Usually, I merely pull from my blog and discuss my top five favorite pieces; however, this time I’m going to cast a little wider net and talk about some of the pieces I published in other venues alongside posts from Interminable Rambling. A lot has happened in 2020, … Read More Year in Round Up: Part I

“Is it starting here, yet?”

Madison Square Garden (MSG) played host to the “Pro American Rally” on February 20, 1939. Over 20,000 people packed into MSG to take part in the rally where they recited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the National Anthem, and listened to speeches. The rally took place to coincide with George Washington’s birthday, and a large image of America’s first president gazed down on the … Read More “Is it starting here, yet?”


Identity in Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s “The Land South of the Clouds”: Part I

In the last post, I discussed the ways that Cristina García explores identity in her novel Monkey Hunting, specifically through the characters of Chen Pan, Chen Fang, and Domingo. Today, I want to expand that conversation by looking at a few scenes in Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s The Land South of the Clouds, a novel that, like Monkey Hunting, examines the ways that we construct … Read More Identity in Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s “The Land South of the Clouds”: Part I


Identity in Cristina García’s “Monkey Hunting”

In the last post, I started talking about Isabel Wilkerson’s statement from Caste when she says, “None of us are ourselves.” I looked at that statement in relation to Chen Pan in Cristina García’s Monkey Hunting (2004). Today, I want to continue that discussion by examining a couple of more moments in García’s novel. In the next post I will look at some moments … Read More Identity in Cristina García’s “Monkey Hunting”