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Laziness or Pedagogical Instability?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been reading about the digital landscape and technology in the classroom during my composition class. The readings, varying in years from 2001 to the present, have gotten me interested in thinking about the ways that I incorporate technology into the classroom while at the same time making that implementation engaging to the students and not just … Read More Laziness or Pedagogical Instability?

Embracing Cellphones in the Classroom: My Recent Experiences

Update: The things I discuss in the post may not be feasible for every classroom due to students not having these forms of technology. I would not incorporate these techniques into my classroom if I felt like it would alienate some students because they did not have access to cellphones, tablets, or laptops. This semester, I noticed that in every class (three) each student had some form … Read More Embracing Cellphones in the Classroom: My Recent Experiences