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Volcana and Reader Fantasies in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”

Over the past couple of posts, I have focused on the depiction of women in Marvel’s crossover Secret Wars. Today, I want to wrap up that discussion by briefly looking at the relationship between Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg) and Molecule Man (Owen Reece.) As I have noted before, I could also dive into examinations of relationships between the Enchantress and Thor or between Titana and … Read More Volcana and Reader Fantasies in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”


Representation in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”

A few weeks back, I picked up Marvel’s Secret Wars. This crossover event took place over the course of twelve issues from May 1984 through April 1985. I picked up Secret Wars because it looked interesting, and I remember having issue #8, the first appearance of the Symbiote, when I was younger. Fans have been clamoring for Secret Wars on the big screen, and … Read More Representation in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”