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Volcana and Reader Fantasies in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”

Over the past couple of posts, I have focused on the depiction of women in Marvel’s crossover Secret Wars. Today, I want to wrap up that discussion by briefly looking at the relationship between Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg) and Molecule Man (Owen Reece.) As I have noted before, I could also dive into examinations of relationships between the Enchantress and Thor or between Titana and … Read More Volcana and Reader Fantasies in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”


Zsaji and Reader Fantasies in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”

In my first post on Marvel’s Secret Wars, I discussed the ways that the representations of Janet Van Dyne and Ororo Munroe each played into both gendered and racial stereotypes. Today, I want to expand some on the ways that Secret Wars, through the some of the relationships in the series, plays into young, white male readers’ romance fantasies. This comes up in two … Read More Zsaji and Reader Fantasies in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”


Representation in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”

A few weeks back, I picked up Marvel’s Secret Wars. This crossover event took place over the course of twelve issues from May 1984 through April 1985. I picked up Secret Wars because it looked interesting, and I remember having issue #8, the first appearance of the Symbiote, when I was younger. Fans have been clamoring for Secret Wars on the big screen, and … Read More Representation in Marvel’s “Secret Wars”