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Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel? Identity in “Ms. Marvel: No Normal”: Part II

Last post, I wrote about the opening pages of G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona’s Ms. Marvel: No Normal. Over the next couple of posts, I want to continue that discussion. Specifically, I want to focus on three sections/panels in the volume. These panels appear at different stages as Kamala struggles with her identity, but each, in its own way, highlights this struggle.


Resistance in Omar ibn Said’s Narrative

In every class, I choose to teach a few new texts that I have never read. Sometimes this will include one texts. Other times it will include more. For this semester, in my multicultural American literature course, I chose two new texts that I had never read before: Hala Alyan’s Salt Houses and Omar ibn Said’s 1831 narrative. I plan to write about each … Read More Resistance in Omar ibn Said’s Narrative