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Graphic Narrative/Script Assignment

A few years back, I taught a course focusing on graphic memoirs. For their final assignment, students had to create their own graphic memoirs, either illustrating it or using picture and an app. The assignment went well, and I was thoroughly impressed with the products that the students produced. This semester, since I was teaching “Monsters, Race, and Comics,” I wanted to do a similar … Read More Graphic Narrative/Script Assignment


Comics Script for Frank Yerby’s “The Foxes of Harrow”

Last spring, I created my first comic alongside my students. When I created my comic on Lillian Smith, I thought about the script and the layout; however, I did not sit down and type out the script. Instead, I worked within the Comic Book! app to layout the pages and insert the text. I knew what I wanted it to look like as I … Read More Comics Script for Frank Yerby’s “The Foxes of Harrow”