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“Civil Rights Memoir” Syllabus

Recently, I’ve been thinking about different courses that I would want to teach in the future. In the last post, I discussed a course entitled “Literature of White Estrangement.” Today, I want to think about a course entitled “Civil Rights Memoirs.” I’ve been thinking about this course for a few weeks, and I started thinking about it because, after teaching John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate … Read More “Civil Rights Memoir” Syllabus


Pauli Murray and the March on Washington

Last post, I wrote about how as I reread March and Darkroom I started thinking about the gutter within these texts, the moments and individuals that the texts do not have the space or the scope to cover. I wrote about Lillian Smith’s connection to the movement, a connection that does not fit in with the narrative scope of either March or Darkroom, both … Read More Pauli Murray and the March on Washington