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The Emotions in the Gutter

Recently, a colleague asked me to participate in a reading with him. He read selection from his latest poetry collection, and during the Q&A following our readings, he spoke about the ways that he constructed some of the poems he read. During his response, he began to speak about a poem he didn’t read, “Nocturne,” a poem which deals with death, intimacy, and loss. … Read More The Emotions in the Gutter

“Our Laws Must Be Upheld”

When I was younger, I used to watch old black and white television shows on Nick at Nite and other channels. After watching the shows, I used to think that people, before the advent of color television or even technicolor, saw only in black and white. I used to think that what they saw through their eyes consisted of only two colors and shades … Read More “Our Laws Must Be Upheld”


Images of the Grotesque in March

Last year, I wrote about Nate Powell’s artwork in the graphic novel┬áThe Silence of Our Friends. Today, I want to look at some of his work in Book Two of┬áMarch. While there are panels in Books One and Three that could be discussed, there are a couple of specific panels within Book Two that I want to look at and explore. Before delving into … Read More Images of the Grotesque in March