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Year in Round Up: Part I

It’s that time of year again to talk about some of my favorite posts from 2020. Usually, I merely pull from my blog and discuss my top five favorite pieces; however, this time I’m going to cast a little wider net and talk about some of the pieces I published in other venues alongside posts from Interminable Rambling. A lot has happened in 2020, … Read More Year in Round Up: Part I


The Ethnogothic

Recently, I finally had the chance to read all of David Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Green’s Bitter Root vol. 1. In “Deep Roots/Rich Soil: Race, Horror and the Ethnogothic” (a back matter essay to Bitter Root), John Ira Jennings lays out what him and Stanford Carpenter call the “EthnoGothic,” a term I want to look at some today in relation to Bitter Root … Read More The Ethnogothic