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Top Five Posts of 2017!

Back in August 2015, I started Interminable Rambling as a space for me to write about, and reflect upon, topics I was teaching, my pedagogical practices, my research, and my thoughts about popular culture. Since that first post in 2015, I have published 235 posts (two a week) for the past two and a half years. The experience of maintaining this blog has helped … Read More Top Five Posts of 2017!


Fireworks, hot dogs, music, and inequality on the Fourth of July

Why you ain’t march on Selma? Why you ain’t tell the refugees “please stay with me”? Why when you take communion, it don’t remind you of your union? That you too were once undocumented too Why do you love your guns more than our sons? Why you patriots first? Why you worshipping the flag?–Propaganda Today, we celebrate the Fourth of July, America’s independence. We … Read More Fireworks, hot dogs, music, and inequality on the Fourth of July

Lecrae’s "Church Clothes 3" and Place

On Saturday, BeyoncĂ© dropped a new song and music video for “Formation.” The move, in effect, broke the Internet. I could spend this time talking about the video and its numerous messages, layers upon layers, that need to be peeled back, taken in, and digested before I can provide any adequate analysis. Others have already done a better job at that aspect than I … Read More Lecrae’s "Church Clothes 3" and Place