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Having Students Analyze Comics’ Pages: Part II

Last post, I wrote about some of the pages I passed out to students in my Literature and Composition Graphic Memoirs’ class. I distributed the pages and had students examine them based on Scott McCloud’s discussion of transitions and gutters in Understanding Comics. Today, I want to continue by looking at some more of the pages that I had students examine. Unlike the pages … Read More Having Students Analyze Comics’ Pages: Part II


Music in Nate Powell’s Work

If you enjoy what you read here at Interminable Rambling, think about making a contribution on our Patreon page.  A couple of years ago, I picked up Jim Demanokas, Mark Long, and Nate Powell’s The Silence of Our Friends from the local library. Immediately, Powell’s black and white illustrations caught my attention, and I moved on to the March trilogy (John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, … Read More Music in Nate Powell’s Work