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2022 Year in Roundup: Part II

Over the past few years, Interminable Rambling has grown by leaps and bounds. Starting a couple of years ago, I added Medium to the blog, posting both here and on my my own site I did this to, among other things, increase readership, and it has done just that. From about 2018 to 2020, the main website had about 40–45k views per year. That number skyrocketed … Read More 2022 Year in Roundup: Part II


Death is Love

At the start of the pandemic, we’d go walking around the neighborhood in the evenings. When we got a dog that summer, we’d take him for walks through the streets, past houses with people we didn’t know. We’d take different paths on our walks, and one of the paths we took would carry us down a hill past a white home that sat on … Read More Death is Love