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Angel of Death

Recently, I’ve started relistening to a lot of mewithouYou, especially after writing about their song “Dryness and the Rain” for my “Politics in ‘Christian’ Songs” series. That song led me to play it’s all crazy! it’s all false! it’s all a dream! it’s alright (2009) on repeat, partly because it’s one of the six cds that have been in my car’s cd player for, … Read More Angel of Death

Contaminación of Memory

In Soledad Marambio’s Retazos Una conversación con Sylvia Molloy, the Argentinian writer speaks about memory, writing, and the passage of time. When talking about two of the houses where she lived–her parent’s house in Argentina and one she owned in Long Island–Molloy talks about their similarities, specifically the courtyards. The two houses, due to some of the similarities, mingle within her mind, joining together … Read More Contaminación of Memory


Dissecting Pages from Lillian Smith Graphic Memoir

Last week, I shared the graphic memoir that I created alongside my students this semester. I detailed, in that post and the post where I described the project, my thought process for the narrative and what parts of Lillian Smith’s story I wanted to tell. As well, I walked through a three page sequence where I focused on Smith’s work as the director of … Read More Dissecting Pages from Lillian Smith Graphic Memoir


Memory in Laura Jones’ “My Life in Movies”

This semester, I am thoroughly enjoying teaching my Literature and Composition Graphic Memoirs class. There is so much to unpack, and we haven’t even gotten to the book-length memoirs yet. Recently, I had students read excerpts from Lillian Smith’s The Journey and a section of Laura Jones’ My Life in Movies. Today, I want to talk about the ways that these seemingly disparate texts, … Read More Memory in Laura Jones’ “My Life in Movies”


“Memory is a wily keeper of the past”: The Narrative of Memory

Throughout our lives, we create memories, then we reconstruct those memories, and they appear again and again within our mind. For me, one memory that always pops up concerns a time when I was a kid, riding a four-wheeler at my grandfather’s camp. I sat down on the seat, my dad sitting behind me, and I pulled the throttle back with my right hand. … Read More “Memory is a wily keeper of the past”: The Narrative of Memory