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Ivan Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons” and Ernest J. Gaines

From the very beginning, Ernest J. Gaines has made his indebtedness to Ivan Turgenev, and specifically Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons (1862) known. When Gaines entered the library for the first time in California, he did not find books by African American authors; instead, he discovered, amidst the rows and rows of bound texts, books by Russian, Irish, French, and American authors who wrote about … Read More Ivan Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons” and Ernest J. Gaines

Epideictic Rhetoric and the Literature Classroom?

A couple of years ago, when I was solidifying the focus on my dissertation, several topics wandered through my head. One of those topics, which I wish to expand upon through further research, came about as I was preparing a paper for the 2012 Rhetoric Society of America conference. The paper, “Epideictic Rhetoric, Athletes, and Veterans: A National Discourse,” focused on the rhetoric surrounding … Read More Epideictic Rhetoric and the Literature Classroom?

Conversation with Dr. Keith Clark April 22, 2015

Top Five Books of 2015!

On Tuesday, I listed my top five posts from 2015. Today, I want to take the opportunity to share with you the to five books I read/reread this previous year. Again, this list is in no particular order. As with most lists, this one was hard to compile, especially considering all of the books I read this year from Frank Yerby’s Speak Now to John A. … Read More Top Five Books of 2015!

Top Five Posts from 2015!

As we start traversing our path through the new year, I want to take the opportunity to look back at some of my favorite posts from the past year. This retrospective will contain, in no particular order, the five posts that are my favorite from the 94 posts that appeared in 2015. The posts on this list will include ones from this blog as … Read More Top Five Posts from 2015!